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Terms used • Here are some terms used on St Helena or within Saint Helena Island Info that we thought might benefit from further explanation

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Frequently Asked Questions about St Helena
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Alarm Forest
The place to live • Alarm Forest is St Helena’s newest district, and has become a sought-after place to live

Recording images of St Helena • Many artists have turned their talents to making a visual record of St Helena

Ascension Island
One of our sister islands • Ascension Island is our nearest neighbour, lying some 1,300Km to the northwest of St Helena

Blue Hill
Not many have been there • Blue Hill is the least densely populated area of St Helena, and is mostly undeveloped or agricultural land

The Briars Pavilion
Napoleon’s Other House • Before Longwood House was ready, Napoleon stayed at the Briars Pavilion

The Castle
The most important of the Public Buildings • The seat of Government for years

Castle Gardens
Sit and watch the world go by • Castle Gardens, in the heart of Jamestown, is a great place to just sit and watch the world bustle by

Diana’s Peak
Our highest point • Diana’s Peak is highest place on our island, and also one of the more interesting

Duke of Edinburgh Playground
For Kids; For Everyone • An important recreational space in the heart of Jamestown

Forts and Batteries
Defensive military installations • St Helena was always defended, ever since the Dutch invaded the island in the 17th century

The Missing Fountain Mystery
Where did it go? • A monument to a great disaster, which disappeared mysteriously in the 1940s

Places and structures • Significant places on St Helena, and where to learn more

Getting Here
How to travel to St Helena • Despite its isolation, St Helena is not quite as difficult to get to as you might imagine

Half Tree Hollow
Home on the hill • Half Tree Hollow (‘HTH’) is the most populous district of St Helena

The Heart Shaped Waterfall
For lovers everywhere • If you travel out of Jamestown towards the Napoleonic Sites you can’t miss the Heart Shaped Waterfall

High Knoll Fort
Important, in the past and today • As the largest military installation on the island High Knoll Fort is certainly important; and it’s also interesting…

How Small Is St Helena?
Stand by to be surprised • Most people cannot grasp how small St Helena actually is

All around us • St Helena is a small island…surrounded by even smaller ones

Jacob’s Ladder
Stairway to heaven? • ‘Jacob’s Ladder’? That’s something to do with the Bible, isn’t it? To find out, read on…

Where it all happens • On the whole, if something is going to happen in St Helena, it’s likely it’s going to happen in Jamestown

The Leisure Park
Eat, drink and be merry • The Leisure Park at the Seaside is a place to relax and enjoy life

Lemon Valley
Everything but the lemons • Lemon Valley is a popular recreation spot, with added historic interest

Quiet and rural • Levelwood; as rural as Blue Hill though somewhat smaller

Isn’t that everything? • You could argue that, on a small island like St Helena, everything is ‘local’. But you’d be wrong…

More than just Napoleon… • Longwood is most famous for housing St Helena’s best-known exile, but it also has strong connections to the island’s future

Longwood House
Napoleon’s residence • For most of his time on St Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte lived at Longwood House

Maldivia Gardens
Fruit, flowers and much more…formerly • The Maldivia Gardens were formerly one of the island’s more productive plantations

Maps of St Helena
Finding your way around • St Helena has been mapped, accurately and not so accurately, for five hundred years

The Millennium Forest
Haven’t you grown… • St Helena aims to recreate the ‘Great Wood’ - a natural forest destroyed in the 17th Century

The Mule Yard
No longer a place for donkeys • The Mule Yard is the main permanent outdoor performance and event venue in Jamestown

Myths Debunked!
Everybody knows that… • While researching for this website we were told many things that ‘everybody knows’, many of which proved to be untrue. We detail them here

Napoleon’s Tomb
But not his final resting place • Set in Sane Valley it is a peaceful spot for quiet contemplation of the life of Napoleon

Monitoring and measuring • Because of its location St Helena was chosen for many scientific observations

Other Military Sites
…and related places • St Helena has many other military-related structures that are not forts…

The Castle of Otranto
A puzzling name • Read’s 19th Century map shows ‘The Castle of Otranto’. Where is it and why is it so named?

Place Names
Some we can explain; some we can’t • You will encounter many interesting place names on St Helena. Here is why some of them are so named…

Plantation House
The Governor’s Residence • Plantation House has been the official home of the Governor of St Helena since 1792

Postcards of St Helena
Old…and older • St Helena has never had a large tourist industry, but it has always had plenty of postcards

Quick Facts
St Helena In Brief • Simple facts about St Helena with links to more detail

Take me home… • Roads may not sound exciting, but many of our roads have a fascinating history

The Run
A long, thin park • Every Capital City needs a river. Jamestown has ‘The Run’

So near, and yet so far • Ruperts is the valley next to James Valley, yet it is rarely visited by tourists

Sandy Bay
Let’s go to the beach! • Beaches are in short supply on St Helena but Sandy Bay has one…

The Seven Wonders of St Helena
Your itinerary? • The ancient world is not alone in having Seven Wonders - and these are ones you can see today!

Our Sister Islands
Part of our Territory • Administratively St Helena is part of a three-island Territory: St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

St Pauls
The Heartland of St Helena • St Pauls is the heartland of St Helena, and yet it remains largely untouched by the events of history

All the world’s a stage • Currently St Helena doesn’t have a working theatre; but we formerly had several…

Tristan da Cunha
One of our sister islands • Tristan da Cunha lies some 2,000Km to the south of St Helena

Two St Helenas?
Our mythical sister island • For at least sixty years it was widely believed that there were two St Helenas…

Where is St Helena?
How to find St Helena on a map • St Helena is approximately 1,900Km west of the Angola/Namibia border, in the South Atlantic Ocean

Where To Stay
Advice for first-time visitors • If you are coming for a short visit you need to decide where to stay. Here is some advice

Anything that didn’t fit in elsewhere • A collection of items that, while about or related to St Helena, did not justify a page of their own or fit into any of our other pages

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