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Community is where I can share my innermost thoughts, bring out the depths of my own feelings, and know they will be understood.
Rollo May

Community Pages contain information supplied by ‘3rd Sector’ organisations and/or campaigns running in the St Helena community. For more see below.

Please note that we rely on the organisation to keep us updated on developments which does not always happen, so if the information presented is out-of-date we apologise, and would appreciate it if you could contact us.

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Random Community Page:

Information Index
Start here… • This is the master index of all our island information pages

Frequently Asked Questions about St Helena
And other useful information • Here are the answers to questions we are often asked about St Helena

Image Search
Find images on our site • This page provides a facility to find images on our site

Bring back Aishah and Faris
They have a right to see their mother • Illegally taken to Oman by their father, these children have a right to contact with their Saint mother

Blue Magic (band)
Rock, Blues, Reggae • Indy Blue - Guitar and Vocals; Marico George - Drums; Andrew Turner - Bass

The Community Development Organisation
Supporting the island’s community groups • St Helena’s Community Development Organisation (CDO) provides support to the island’s community groups

Creative Saint Helena
Promoting, facilitating and mentoring St Helena’s creative, visual, musical and dramatic arts • We strive to create opportunities for communities to access, engage and participate in the Arts

Freedom of Information Campaign
Improving the way Government works • A Freedom of Information Ordinance for St Helena would improve the way Government decisions are made

Forgotten Colony (band)
Two friends stranded • Forgotten Colony is a band formed on St Helena in 2020

Friends of St Helena
Founded in March 1988 • Friends of St Helena provides information on St Helena and practical support to the St Helenian community

Human Rights on St Helena
Working for a fairer St Helena • St Helena’s Human Rights project began with the new Constitution in 2009…

Making Ends Meet
Help for those most in need • Making Ends Meet works to give immediate support to people who are struggling to make ends meet

St Helena Nature Conservation Group
Supporting the environment of St Helena since 1993 • Promoting and enjoying St Helena’s unique natural environment

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Other community organisations on St Helena worthy of note are listed below. If you represent one of these groups and want to upgrade to a free full page, please contact us.

Sports-related community groups are listed on our page Sport in St Helena. This list may also otherwise be incomplete - it was generated by scanning the island’s newspapers for organisations recently mentioned. If your organisation is active but omitted from this list please contact us. Please note that businesses, religious groups and entities of the Government of St Helena cannot be included.

Below: Ageways CharityArts & Crafts AssociationAstronomy ClubBeekeepers’ AssociationBlue Marine FoundationCancer Support & AwarenessChamber of CommerceCommercial Fishermen’s AssociationCommunity Centre AssociationsDive ClubDisabled Person’s Aid SocietyDonkey HomeGood TernHeritage SocietyLadies Craft GroupLeague of FriendsNational TrustNew HorizonsRed CrossS.H.A.P.E.S.P.C.A.Scouts/Cubs/Guides/Brownies/Rainbows/etc.SingersWomen’s Corona Society

Ageways Charity

Ageways Charity provides help and support for older people on St Helena.


Arts & Crafts Association

Arts & Crafts Association

For information please see our page Shopping: What to buy.

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club meets to discuss Astronomy and related activities on St Helena.


Beekeepers’ Association

Association for the island’s beekeepers and honey producers. Contact Earl Henry (+290) 24313, Tony Leo (+290) 24725 & Pat Stroud (+290) 23773.

Blue Marine Foundation

The Blue Marine Foundation does environmental work in the seas around St Helena, working closely with the St Helena National Trust.


Cancer Support & Awareness

Cancer Support & Awareness

Cancer Support & Awareness helps educate the public about the causes and prevention of cancer and also provides practical support to victims and their families. October is designated Cancer Awareness month which features many activities including the ‘Pink Walk’ (wear pink - get sponsored), and the organisation is also behind the bi-annual Carnival.

Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce provides support and information for businesses operating on St Helena, and also lobbies to the Government of St Helena on businesses’ behalf.


Commercial Fishermen’s Association

Commercial Fishermen’s Association

For information please see our page Fishing.

Community Centre Associations

Each of the island’s community centres is managed by an Association, which maintains the Centre, organises events (many centres have a winter Skittles league) and takes bookings.


Dive Club

Dive Club

For information please see our page Diving.

Disabled Person’s Aid Society

Disabled Person’s Aid Society

The Disabled Person’s Aid Society provides help and practical support for disabled people and their families, working closely alongside the support available from Social Services. It also administers the Disabled Parking Badge scheme.


Donkey Home

Donkey Home

For information please see our page Donkeys.

Good Tern

Good Tern

Rescues Fairy Tern chicks, supports and feeds them until maturity and then releases them back into the wild. Good Tern on Facebook™.


Heritage Society

Heritage Society

For information please see our page Lost and almost-lost Buildings.

Ladies Craft Group

Started in 1991, the Ladies Craft Group produces knitted toys and other handicrafts which are sold to raise funds to support the Senior Citizens of St Helena. One of its projects is the book ‘What’s Cooking in St Helena’, a good source of local recipes.


League of Friends

Formed in 1993, the League of Friends supports the hospital’s patients and their relatives, and the same with also other care centres on the island.

St Helena National Trust

St Helena National Trust

The St Helena National Trust is a statutory organisation on St Helena, with power to intervene in support of conservation, heritage and environmental matters. It runs various related projects, funded normally from overseas. It is not formally related to the UK National Trust.


New Horizons

New Horizons

New Horizons is a youth club operating in Jamestown, in Grand Parade just to the left of The Arch (as you face the sea). It organises mostly, but not exclusively, sporting events for the under 18s. It currently organises the St Helena’s Day Celebrations.

St Helena Red Cross

St Helena Red Cross

The international Red Cross has a branch on St Helena.




St Helena Active Participation in Enterprise, a local social enterprise providing work and training for the disabled, operating from the former school in Sandy Bay. Registered No 38 under the Companies Ordinance, Registered No C00011 under the Charities Ordinance. and/or SHAPE celebrates The International Day for Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December.



S.P.C.A. stands for ‘Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’. It was originally a branch of the UK RSPCA, but is no longer affiliated. It provides some quasi-veterinary support for non-agricultural animals and their owners, including taking into care animals that are not being properly looked after (though it has no statutory powers).




St Helena has a scouting and a guiding association which provides activities for young people, as part of the worldwide scouting movement. On St Helena Scouts/Cubs are exclusively male and Guides/Brownies/Rainbows are exclusively female.

St Helena Singers

The St Helena Singers is an informal choir that performs at musical events on the island.


Women’s Corona Society

Women’s Corona Society

The Women’s Corona Society is a fundraising body that supports other local charities. It is a branch of the Corona worldwide.


More on the Wikipedia at Voluntary Sector.

Community Days

World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is celebrated on or around 22nd February by the island’s Guides, Brownies & Rainbows. They commonly go to a community centre for the day to do their thinking in a structured way.

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